Keynote Speakers

2019 Conference Keynote

Philippa Derrington

Dr Philippa Derrington

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Scotland

Philippa Derrington has worked for many years as a music therapist with adolescents in schools, and alongside many young people experiencing stress and moving through trauma. Philippa currently leads the MSc Music Therapy programme and is Senior Lecturer within the Division of Occupational Therapy and Arts Therapies at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. Dr Derrington’s keynote is entitled 'Reconsidering therapeutic space, therapeutic relationship and conversations around music therapy: Reflections on working alongside a young adolescent who experienced childhood trauma.

Helen Cameron

Helen Cameron

RMT - Local Spotlight Speaker

In her spotlight address, Helen will share her professional journey along with her observations on the development of music therapy over the past 30 years, focusing on the area of disability. Currently researching the experiences of participants in her community based, specialised music therapy and disability program, Helen will offer her perspective on the evolution of services and the effect music therapy has on the lives of people with disabilities.

Helen is an experienced music therapist, with a primary interest in working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Over her impressive career, Helen has worked at residential facilities, in the education sector, and with health and community organisations. Her private practice, JAM Music Therapy was established in 1998, and she recently celebrated 21 years of providing music therapy with her participants, some of whom have been attending JAM Music Therapy since its inception. Helen has published in the Australian Journal of Music Therapy (AJMT), has supervised many student music therapists and encouraged and inspired registered music therapists in her home town of Melbourne and beyond. Helen is also a past editor of AJMT and a past Chairperson of the Victorian Branch, Australian Music Therapy Association.

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