Virtual Gallery Presentations

Throwing the Bowlby out with the bathwater - a critique on Attachment Theory
Mrs Chanelle Henderson

New graduate experiences of using guided imagery and music in supervision: A creative process for exploring work-related issues, professional identity, and mental wellbeing
Dr Imogen Clark, Dr Melissa Murphy

Expanding Music Therapy Approaches in Education Settings: Whole School Music for Wellbeing Programs in Action
Dr Meg Steele, Pip Reid

Music, adversity and thriving: Exploring experiences of a community music therapy group for Australian youth
Ms Meagan Hunt

Appropriation of Psychoeducation: Can we create a Musical Gateway?
Mrs Anastasia Dowling

The impact of the two-way therapeutic relationship in resource-oriented improvisational music therapy
Miss Bingyu Zhu

Music Therapy Student Clinical Education in Public Health: Balancing learning, service and system needs to support workforce sustainability and well-being
Ms Jaye Thompson, Ms Sharon Glass, Dr Andrea Bramley

Music therapy with preterm infants and their families after hospital discharge: An integrative review and beyond
Ms Verena Clemencic-Jones

Human vs. Algorithm: Bringing Awareness to Technology's Impact on Music Consumption Behaviour
Mr Isaac Lizzit

Who Gets to Be Safe? Deconstructing the Equity and Accessibility of Safety in Therapeutic Spaces
Ms Brede Davis

The Sound of Silence – describing a trauma-informed music therapy approach to treating social phobia and selective mutism within an adult mental health rehabilitation context
Mr James Wheller

Exploring Courageous Conversations and Social Justice through Music
Kerry Russell

From Facilitator to Guide: Expanding our role, developing our practice and successfully supporting participants with Allied Health Assistant support
Ms Natalie Oliveri & Mr Rowan Harding

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands and waters throughout Australia, and pay respect to the Elders past, present and emerging. We recognise the importance of connection to culture, land, kinship and community to the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander families. We acknowledge the cultural practices and traditions still carried out today and being passed down to future generations.